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Always Ready by Valvador

The way the photo was shot was pretty magnificent, it is as if the Cat itself held a posed for the Photo. all though the Background of ...



Cute Lace Divider by KaiyakkumaCute Lace Divider by Kaiyakkuma

OC - Miya ki The White Fox Pixel Animation by Yiya-stylesGreetings World.(◕‿< 
I'm Yiya-Styles, you may call me other wise depending on were you have met me before, such as MMO's were my user name is different.
Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square BulletYiya Yiya FactsPurple Square Bullet 
Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square BulletI do not do commissions to the public No, I disagree!.

Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square BulletYou are aloud to draw fan art of any of my Original Characters if you give all rights to me and send me a link to it

Bow with Jewels by socksyy


Purple Square BulletYes I use a tablet, a wacom splash pen tablet.

Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square Bullet I use Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai but some times i use Toonboom Studio which is a animation program but it makes good line art to.
Sleepy Sushi Chibi


Oh, and i really like sushi!Sushi 

one other thing, the name "Yiya" is pronounced like Hiya with a "Y" in front instead of a "H", so the "Iya" in "Yiya" is like the "Iya" in "Hiya" yeah. ....................Hiya i'm Yiya!!.    kyehehehehe.


Miya Ki tail fluff by Yiya-styles

Kon! by Yiya-styles

Kawaii!~ by Yiya-styles

Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

As you can see i really like Foxes


AND NO I won't be your girlfriend to whoever cares to ask!!! Tantrum Emoticon 

sorry i had to many random people on the internet ask that......more than 20 in counting




Yiya-styles's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm not older then 20 and i'm not younger then 10.

My Gender is Female, i am a girl.

I recently got a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet, the first art i submitted that was done with a tablet was…

I can stand potty mouths...A K A people who need to know when to shut up.. specially when they won't stop cussing..or talking about nasty stuff.

Favorite Color: Lavender, Purple, black, white, soft pale pink

Super Super Favorite colors: Purple/lavender, Black and White
I mostly always say Cramp instead of Crap, shell instead of hell, Crammit instead of Dammit, cram you instead of damn and instead of stupid i some times say Baka
((I only say it towards people who don't know what baka means))
but anyway enough about all that cramp talk.

Okay so I happen to say "Humans" a lot when talking about people and i say "Humans are interesting" a lot in real life...but I swear i didn't know about Izaya Orihara saying that in the anime Durarara before, I mean..I've been saying it for years and I just started watching durarara and realized people probably been thinking i'm some Izaya fangirl trying to talk like him......Lol


I love anime and currently watched animes i like are Noragami, Durarara, Nichijou, Gosick.

I like animals very much, i really like Foxes, cats, bats, spiders, genets, Red Pandas, Guinea pigs, owls, moths, turtles, tortoise, all reptiles, Dinosaurs. millipede, insects, Wyverns ((NOTE: the name wyvern is commonly mistaken to be the name of some species of "Dragon" Wyverns are not Dragons, they are actually what people called Pterosaur along time ago)) and i also like squids and mushrooms..well mushrooms are not exactly animals, but they are like animals and plants all at the same time, i adore fungus..and i don't care how weird that just was to say.

Anyway! my favorite character in the Fullmetal alchemist series is Edward elric, my second favorite is Ling Yao (hes not in the first Anime series (2003) of Fullmetal alchemist hes in Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood and the Fullmetal alchemist manga) and 3rd favorite is Risa Hawkeye.
And when it comes to Anime characters, i like the ones with a bad attitude, and at least smrt in some ways...or maybe a glasses character?
Favorite food: Sushi, salad, lasagna, bell peppers

-Children Record mabinogi score song code.


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