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About Varied / Hobbyist A non-suspicious Average Human ?Female/Unknown Group :iconfoxart-unite: FoxArt-Unite
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Always Ready by Valvador

The way the photo was shot was pretty magnificent, it is as if the Cat itself held a posed for the Photo. all though the Background of ...



Chalk school boy and school girl by Yiya-styles
Chalk school boy and school girl
a random picture I made while playing with a digital chalk drawing App 
Cute Lace Divider by KaiyakkumaCute Lace Divider by Kaiyakkuma

Greetings Humans/CreaturesMomo Kisaragi (Yay) [V2] 
I'm Yiya-Styles, you may call me other wise depending on were you have met me beforePuppy Cinnamon Emoji-01 (Waving) [V1] 
Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square BulletYiya Yiya FactsPurple Square Bullet 
Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square BulletI do not do commissions (Unless I feel like it! Takane Enomoto (One more) [V5]  )

Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square BulletYou are aloud to draw fan art of any of my Original Characters if you give all rights to me and send me a link to it

Bow with Jewels by socksyy


Purple Square BulletYes I use a tablet, a wacom bamboo splash tablet (when I feel like it)

Bow with Jewels by socksyy

Purple Square Bullet I use Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai but some times i use Toonboom Studio which is a animation program but it makes good line art to.

I also love characters with animal ears and animal tails and Classic/

one other thing, the name "Yiya" is pronounced like Hiya with a "Y" in front instead of a "H", so the "Iya" in "Yiya" is like the "Iya" in "Hiya" (Yai-Yuh Yhy-Yuh yeah.
Hiya i'm Yiya!!. kyehehehehe............................Takane Enomoto (Can't Think) [V5] 

and I really like making up new original characters nonstop! 

Blue X Orange by Yiya-styles

  Twins in the same scarf by Yiya-styles

 Friends Photo! (COMPLETE/COLORED) by Yiya-styles

Pink Chibi Kitty by Yiya-styles

 Update JournalShopaholic by Yiya-styles

Yui Crystal In The Crystal Night by Yiya-styles

Chibi Pigtail girl by Yiya-styles

Lime green Chibi OC by Yiya-styles

  now if only I could come up with character names....


Yiya-styles's Profile Picture
A non-suspicious Average Human ?
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm not older then 20 and i'm not younger then 10.

My favorite colors: Purple (Blue ish lavender), Royal purple, Black, white.

Favorite clothing style ever: Lolita Fashion (mostly in black and white)

random favorites: Plaid, being with my brother,Checkered pattern fabric, long tailed ribbons/bows, button-up collars, over-sized scarfs, over-knee black socks, Foxes,
Cats, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Bats, Lizards, Dinosaurs, most of all insects, Beetles, Spiders, millipedes, Ants, black and albino animals, Gold with black on most dresses, mini top hats with roses on them, Happiness, being a weirdo, calling people humans (because they are), doing things just to get a reaction out of people, NOT being bored, Wearing dresses and elegant clothing that doesn't show any chest at all, saying "cramberry" in the places of saying "crap", rolling on the floor, drawing forever, using ink, using digital art tools, rejecting love requests, being honest (sometimes too honest as people say), playing Mabinogi (Online game), Star Wars, using the mouse to draw, using a tablet to draw, anime/manga (Durarara, Fullmetal alchemist, World Trigger, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Noragami, Akatsuki no yona, Tonari no kaibutsu-kun, Tonari no seki-kun, Nozaki-kun, Gosick), Telling corny jokes, wearing fox/cat ears, albino looking anime characters (pink eyes, white hair, purple eyes), Chibi characters, silly anime character fang teeth, trying to figure out how to play the piano without any training so I can brag about it later, making new character designs, making clothing designs, making people think I'm crazy/weird, trying to bug/disturb certain people, trolling trolls, subtly kicking annoying people's butts with carefully choosen words while in an argument, sushi, lasagna, bell peppers, meat, pasta, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, pudding, sarcasm, being a secret agent, tricking people without lying, making business deals and buying stuff at it's cheapest prices, being a cheapskate, making corny jokes, changing moods in front of different people and playing mind games (only on certain people), telling puns, finding humans to eliminate my boredom.

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